Hoverboards – Know Everything From Fire To Fall

Hover Board

When you decide to buy a hoverboard it is not just enough to know about the advantages they offer but also about the hazards they come with. Same is with the Self-balancing scooters or the hoverboards. They look very attractive and advantageous but beware there are also some dangers hidden in them. They might catch fire and damage not only the device but also cause damage to some of your personal properties. Remember you are going to travel on them with your foot on them throughout. So it is important to know how safe your foot and you are while on your move.

This point is of very much importance not just because they might catch fire or explode but also otherwise. Since the foot rest and the skin of the board is made of plastic and other materials, it is important to know the quality of it keeping in mind the safety of your legs. Your leg is the only point of contact with the gadget and since you are going to travel on it with this throughout, probe into the details about the material. Look out for the best hoverboard skin on the market!. It is generally said that a board that comes with a vinyl cover for the foot rest is safe and also offers comfort throughout the run. So when you check for the other features in a hoverboard also remember to check for this point.

Razor Hovertrax

This is a well known device from a well known manufacturer in the market and many of the riders prefer riding one of their models. These hoverboards offer the rider many advantages like safety, unparalleled performance and superior quality. This product comes with a razor hoverboard charger that can be easily carried to any place along with the board. All the branded hoverboards come with the accessories and it is advisable to use the same. In case of any damages they can be rectified with the manufacturer for their products come with a guarantee and warranty. Similar is the products from Swagtron. Their boards also come with a charger.

How long does the battery hold on Swagtron hoverboard?? This depends upon the usage by the rider. For a long drive it might hold on for more than half of the travel and for short drives it can come even for days. So it is all in how and for what the rider uses the board.

These hoverboards have now become a thing of amusements and since these are available for also kids, the variety they offer is innumerable. There are lots of different types of these available in the market and few are for males specifically, few others for females and some for kids. Among all these the red and pink hoverboard – Razor Hovertrax ① are very popular and these can be used by all for all purposes. For kids, these boards come with attractions like bright colors, cartoon characterizations and the manufacturers also offer to serve the kid`s demands with special stickers.

Microphones Audio Technica 2035


To begin with, Audio Technica is an established manufacturer of mid range and budget microphones. This here is a review of Audio Technica at – 2035 (2017/2017), which is a much-evolved version of the original 2020 model. In terms of value, The AT2020 model itself has the standing of being one of the best studio microphones.

To start with, let me give you an idea of what you can expect, when you purchase this product:

* Singers pick Condenser microphones because it gives a clear quality for sound and picks up even the smallest of the nuances in the voices. Audio Technica AT2035 is a large cardioid condenser microphone, which will filter out background noise allowing the voice alone to shine. The design is exceptional and works for various functions including home, studio or even live performances. The specialty of this microphone is that it heroes the voice making it one of the best hip hop microphones.

* What is an improvement over the AT2020 model is that this model has a switchable 80hz high pass filter (which can cut background rumble and also unwanted low bass sounds) and a 10dB pad switch (to prevent distortion)

* The microphone is equipped with a custom shock mount, which is made of high quality plastic. While this ensures clean sound, it also possesses an elastic suspension, which does not allow the vibrations to travel up the stand.

* The Audio technica AT2035 being easy on the pocket, completely easy to use and offering crystal clear natural sound makes it the best microphones for podcasting.

* This microphone will work exceptionally for home studios where both price and quality are essential factors. The microphone has a large diaphragm along with the cardioids condenser making it a great choice for both vocals and instrumentals.

In order to make things easier, the factors that one needs to consider to pick a good microphone are as follows:

1. Sound Quality: By any grade, the Audio technica AT2035 offers the highest sound quality amongst its competitors. On comparing the product with the AKG C214 (this actually can be considered a studio condenser), you will find that the SPL is almost similar (158 vs. 156dB with pad), they have a signal to noise ratio of 82 dB (AT2035) vs. 81dB (AKG C214) and a noise level of 12 vs. 13. These statistics obviously

favor the AT2035. All of this makes it one of the best wireless microphones in the market.

2. Frequency Response: The responses are solid especially on the bottom and mid level. It is quite stable considering that it is a budget microphone with quite a large diaphragm. The design of the Audio Technica 2035 adds presence to the vocals and lends a crisp sound to the instruments.

3. Noise Levels: AT2035 has a self-noise of 12dB-A. If you consider that even for studios, a 16dB-A is more than sufficient, this microphone does more than enough. It definitely surpasses all of its competitors in this area.

4. Setup: The setup for this microphone is standard and is easy if you have already done it earlier. It connects through an XLR interface and requires phantom power.

Overall, the Audi Technica At2035 is an excellent buy. To briefly summarize,

1. A very good price considering the features offered.

2. A natural, crystal clear sound

3. Low self noise

4. A very decent shock mount.

With so many pros in its favor, the Audio Techinca AT2035 is a value buy.

Radar Detector – Beat The Speeding Ticket

Radar Detector

Speeding is obviously frowned upon by the law. No one would tell you that it is recommendable. But the thrill that comes out of speeding, the rush and the wind in your hair when you drive with the top down is truly incredible and unique. Very few things can get your adrenaline pumping like racing down the highway as if your life depended on it. With the various speed detectors that are placed at critical points on the road, it is hard to escape them. There are a few tricks that can be implemented if at all you get caught.

* Smile the biggest you ever have and wave at the cop. The surprise is the best element of attack. They would not expect it.

* Have a casual conversation with the cop. Ask him how his day has been. Make it personal. It is hard to give a ticket to someone who is nice to you.

* Never acknowledge that you were speeding. Do not jump to apologize. Pretending to be clueless as to why you were stopped can work. The classic “What’s the problem, officer?” really works.

* See if you can get away with a warning. To end the conversation, you can tell the cop that you will ensure that it won’t happen again.

* Never ever try to intimidate the cop by pulling out your visiting card or claiming to know people. That would put him on the defense and he could immediately hand you your ticket to prove that he can.

* Drive a clean car. No alcohol bottles, cigarette stubs, and pending tickets.

All these tricks should be applied if you get caught. The better thing would be to not get caught. There are very good gadgets in the market that will make sure that you do not end up in any compromising situation. These gadgets do sound expensive. The trick of shopping online will come up with many top rated radar detector for cheap. Cheap does not mean bad quality. The websites have many gadgets that can prevent you from getting caught. Here you can buy top rated and cheap radar detector.

Fast radar: Escort red-line / Review

This digital signal processor is one of the most popular gadgets in the market. It is made for people who like to enjoy the little thrills in life such as speeding. It not only recognizes the real speed radar of the cops, it can sniff out the fake ones. Nothing is as annoying as a false alert to kill the speed. The dual antenna is designed in such a way that it provides a great range on the highway.

The biggest advantage of this radar is the dual antenna. A drawback would be the lack of the GPS. Speed traps, red light cameras etc. may not be detected.

A top graded Cobra SPX 5500 laser radar is a good alternative. This ultra-high performing radar comes with a laser detector that can detect danger at the right time. The detection range and the warning time is doubled. That is more than you can ask for. It also has voice alerts safety alert. With the city and highway filter modes, you can drive on any road without worrying about the cops’ speed radar.

Buy the right radar detector. Drive safe.

A Trip Down To The Drone-Land


There are different kinds of drones like quadcopters and toy planes. Choosing right equipment is not easy without proper knowledge about a product. A drone should be small enough to travel around with and simultaneously should have a great price to quality ration.

GO-PRO action camera is used with drones. A combination of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and Go pro camera is used for photography. DJI phantom 2 is one of the best options to use with Go-Pro action camera. It has a good flying quality and GPS flying mode is best for aerial photography. It has proven its worth over the years and reviewed really well by users.

WEBSITE – Hubsan is a place you can find drones or quadcopter as per your choice. It has detailed information about the products which helps you to decide. Hubsan brand drone attract many beginners as it is pocket-friendly and technologically sound too.

If you are looking for cheap kids drones then there it’s good news for you. There are so many options nowadays which are advanced as well as affordable. To decide which drone is best we need to pay attention to the requirement of buyer and details of the product.

It all depends on the features drone have. For example:

If you are looking for remote controlled drone or smartphone controlled

1. The range of drone. Distance a drone can fly without losing contact.

2. Camera quality.

3. Flight time. Period of time drone will be in the air after recharge.

It should be easy to assemble and parts of drone should be easily available if replacement is required. It’s better to buy a drone from a brand name which ensures its quality and service.

Holy stone quadcopter review is available here. It is an aviation tool which will make the flying experience memorable. It has four channel transmitters which are small and user-friendly. To avoid the drone from flying in reverse or deviating off course they have used Headless safety system.

This drone comes with many amazing features which keep it ahead of another competitor in the market. To protect the propellers, it comes with optional protection frame. It has excellent maneuverability; it can perform flip-way flip and can make 360 degrees turn in all directions.

This quadcopter comes with two 3.7V, 750 MAH batteries. Plus point about this drone is its charging time as well which is relatively less than others available in the market. It takes only one hour and twenty minutes and comes with two USB cables.

It has a 720P, 2-megapixel camera which allows the drone to capture high-quality images without any disruption. It can do clockwise and anticlockwise flips without going out of control. With its ion LED headlamp, it is really easy to use it during night hours.

Holy stone took the drone manufacturing to next level with screwdrivers for detaching the quadcopter’s replaceable motor. It performs really well indoor as well as outdoors. It has a really easy frequency to adjust. Batteries fit easily with the connector and with same easiness landing gears and propeller guards can be fit properly.

Difference Between Life And Death In Dangerous Situation-Survivalist Knife

Survivalist Knife

Choosing a knife that you might have to rely on in dangerous situation is a pretty difficult decision. Everything should be kept into consideration before obtaining a survivalist knife. Your purpose of buying this majorly affects the size and design of your knife.

It should be sturdy to survive in the toughest situation. Bush-crafting or cutting/chopping woods for a bonfire, whatever, the reason may be it should serve the purpose without failing. Sheath, handle, blade, material and design everything impacts the performance of this tool.

This Benchmade Knive is High Quality! (940 review)\ . This brand is in the market for more than twenty years. It is your go-to option whether you plan for hiking, camping or any outing. Knives from Benchmade can easily be used for outdoor activity or day to day usage. A perfect amalgamation of class and strength is offered through these knives.

Name of this brand is a byword for quality and their designs are widely appreciated among survival enthusiasts. They decided to kick it up a notch and released Benchmade 940. It has a reverse tanto blade which has a keen yet beefy tip and long cutting edge. It is one of the bests in the line of knives available in the market. This knife has Axis locking mechanism with an ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opener.

It is true that black knifes for tactical warfares. They are designed by a combined effort from well-known veteran SWAT officer Jared Wihongi and master bladesmith Russ Kommer.

There are varieties of knives available from this brand as per your taste, need and budget. Their designs appeal to the eye. These knives help us through any tactical situations be it cut, pry, slash or smash. It comes with a sturdy sheath that quickly fine-tunes to any angel plus stands effortlessly on belt, pack or web gear.

zero tolerance Amazon are available online too. These are some finest tactical knives in the market and have modest ergonomics. There is detailed information available on the website for specific products which help you to decide. These are manufactured in the USA and designed to last in tough conditions. Zero Tolerance products represent what high-quality manufacturing is all about. These are series of knives from Kershaw. You can choose knife as per your taste, from pocket-friendly one to small blades.

One can easily find Gayle Bradley products [online]. There are plenty of options with detailed information on the particular product, which helps you to choose the best option for you. The Gayle Bradley uses twill carbon fiber for scales and its handle. These knives are strong and have Michael Walker liner lock. It is easy to clean product because of its open back design.

The blades of these knives are made from satin finished Crucible steel CPM M4. It is very durable steel with admirable wear resistance. The ergonomics of these knives are very well done. The pocket clip is long enough and has enough flex. One can easily get it in and out of the pocket because of good flex. The clip can be moved to any four positions. This is one sturdy, well-built knife and a must have product in your backpack bag.

Fun Dirt-Bikes For Your Kid

Dirt Bikes

The thrill of riding a dirt bike is just not comparable with anything else. No matter what other vehicle you ride, it will not be the same. When it is so much fun, why should we reserve it only for the adults? Let the kids have some fun too, but in a safe and controlled manner.

Today, many manufacturers have seen this market gap and have come up with a number of dirt bikes that are battery powered, smaller in size and lower in power. The kids can experience the fun of riding such bikes without the risk involved in riding the real bikes – speed.

Razor Bikes

When you are considering razor bikes for your kid, you could be wondering if you should choose Razor model MX650 or MX500?? Both these bikes are great for kids and the main area of difference is the power. As the name suggests the MX650 is the more powerful bike and is suitable for older kids. If your kid is too young, it is safer to go in for the MX500.

A bike with lesser power is always a god place to start as the excess enthusiasm of your child cannot cause any harm to them. Though they may want to test the limits of the bike, it will not be too fast for them to handle.

However if your kid is big for his age, you will need to buy a bigger bike, and it can be used for a longer time too. The one disadvantage of picking a smaller bike is, you may have to change to a bigger bike as your kid grows. These bikes are a great way to introduce your kids to dirt-bikes and let them decide if they want to take it to the next level.

Other Razor Rides

Razor does not have just dirt bikes for kids, it has go karts too. This is another fun ride that can keep your child occupied till the battery runs out. If you have more than one kid, they can compete among themselves to see if the go cart or bike can do better. If your child loves bright colors, you can choose red color for Razor GO – KART! Pick it up and watch your child zoom away with glee. The sheer joy on your child’s face will be rewarding enough.


Razor is not the only company that has come up with such interesting rides for kids. You can even go in for the KFX Power Wheels (ONLINE Kawasaki). Check for the customer reviews if you want to know more about the bike. Reviews from other parents can help you make an informed decision. VISIT – https://www.gmimotorsports.com for more options to choose from.

No matter what bike you choose for your child, just ensure they will be safe on it. Let them learn to maneuver them properly, before they could go out on their own or race against each other. These rides are the best way to let your kids experience the adult world in their own miniature version.

Party On With An Amazing Wine Cooler At Home

Wine Cooler

Partying with friends every weekend is a common feature for a party enthusiast like you. You have recently discovered how good wines are. Parties are nothing without a good glass of wine. And wine should be served chilled, at the right temperature. This means that you should have an awesome wine cooler at home. Without one, your parties will be lackluster and without the right ambience.

So, go ahead and get your wine refrigerator and make your awesome parties memorable ones.

There are several brands and even more varieties of wine refrigerators that are available. But if you know your purpose and needs, then it is very easy to finalize the best model. A simple review of the best wine coolers online will give you a good number of results.

Basically, wine coolers are of different types based on their features.

According to the place where they are placed, they come under three categories:

* Counter-top

* Built-in

* Freestanding

The countertop ones are generally sleek and stylish that can fit onto a countertop. A free-standing wine cooler is one that acts as astandalone unit. It also has more storage space.

A wine cooler should also have sufficient storage capacity. When you are the partying kind, it is imperative that you should go in for a separate wine cooler. And a dual zone wine cooler is better than a single zone wine cooler. A dual zone wine cooler is much better to store both the kinds of wines, white wine and red wine.

Both white wine and red wine need different temperatures to be stored at. A dual zone wine cooler achieves this purpose very effectively, without compromising on the quality of the wine. →→→ Wine fridge comparison of quality.

From among the many brands that exist, it is no wonder that you are still wondering whether to go in for Samsung or Haier cooler for wine??

There are so many things to look into. The quality, the features, and the type of wine cooler to go in for are sometimes very overwhelming. But now with the many reviews available online, choosing the best wine coolers need not be a daunting task.

There are a few things that you should remember while choosing a wine refrigerator. They are:

* The refrigerators should have some outstanding features that include a good interior LED light with Dual zone cooling.

* Having digital controls make them very easy to operate.

* They should have good design features, such as adjustable racks and metal shelves.

* They also should be energy efficient.

After reviewing some really good wine coolers, we found that this wine cooler is GREAT for your party! [reviews 2017].

Top 10 Best Wine Coolers in 2017 Reviews

The Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone wine cooler is a great one that is of top quality and has all the essential features that a great wine fridge is supposed to have. With a curved door and smoked glass, it has incredibly stylish features. An ultra-quite cooler, with dual zone cooling for both white wines and red wines, this is a perfect one for your parties.