The Best Video Editing Tools for Beginners

The Best Video Editing Tools for Beginners

Videos are now the in thing on the internet. We see all types of videos floating across and the majority of them are a huge hit. Many people even prefer of watching a video rather than reading and other stuff.

Are you too interested in video making and finding ways to better at it? Well, you don’t need to spend time more, we have researched and put forth the best recording tool and editing tool for all your video requirements, that is easy to use across different branded software (be it on MAC or Windows or even Linux) and all you need to do is just install and get started.

These help you in creating videos on a low budget, with good quality and clarity. Read on the best ones, and find what suits your needs.

  • Magisto
  • VideoShop
  • iMovie app
  • Nutshell
  • Animoto

There are plenty more, but we zeroed on these, due to their features.

We shall talk about the easiest one on this list, Nutshell.

Nutshell is one the easiest tools found till date, and it’s been ranked by users. For any mini-movie, short film and small animation movies, this one is the best. It is fun working with this app, which just takes seconds and needs only a few elements.

How to work with:

Snap photos:

When the app insists you take photos, do so. It takes within the app.

Give captions:

There is a list of options available to insert message into each animated character. Just select the text and add the message.

Embed graphics:

Choose the graphics that you feel suits your project and design on the photos that you have captured.


It’s now time to preview your work, and look for any changes!


You can now share this video to your friends and family.

Media share:

You can share the videos on social media apps too.

Is this not amazing for all your aspiring needs, to begin with initially, as a novice artist, in music and media! We think Yes!


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