How to Clean a New Home Before You Move in – A Complete Guide

Planning to shift houses? After you have spent all your time and effort in finding the right place for you and your family, the moving in part arrives. This is a crucial stage as one needs to ensure the new house is clean and safe to move into. Tending to issues after shifting into the house can complicate things beyond imagination.

Here is a complete guide to help you clean that house before you move into it:

Deep Clean

Any house, old or new needs to be cleaned thoroughly before you can move into it. This is because the house when unused tends to attract not only cobwebs and other insects but also some major pests like rodents.

A deep cleaning will enable you to get to the nook and crannies of the house and ensure every bit is cleaned properly. This will help in getting rid of both dirt as well as the unfavorable smell.

Pest Control

Get a professional pest control company to spray down your house thoroughly. Mice and rats can make life miserable if missed and allowed to nest in your house walls and corners. Many mouse control Glasgow companies are available for you to choose from. Hire one of them and get the rodent issue under control.


If there are things left behind by the old owners or construction crew, get rid of them. It may be tempting to see if those items could be used at a future date, but they might become more of a problem than a help, in the future. One can never tell how long those items have been lying around and what all have crawled over it.

Get rid of everything in the house that is not yours. Getting rid of all this trash will not only make the place feel like new but also save you some much-needed storage space.

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