We all are aware that Louis Vuitton is not just a brand name. It is an experience in itself. Again an LV bag is hardly a purchase; I would call it more of an investment.

A bag that speaks class, style, luxury you know all this does not come cheap. When you step out with an LV handbag or wallet, people know you are not ordinary. And to be that extra ordinary person, there is a price tag that comes along.

We normally talk about LV bags and what all to look out for it them. But no necessary that you must always have a handbag along everywhere that you. You could look chick when you just have a wallet along. Or even better when your handbag reveals an amazing LV wallet inside.

So when you are considering investing in an LV wallets, just like any other LV handbag there are many factors that come into play. First and foremost is to beware of falling prey to fake LV wallets. As there are fake LV bags, there are also many fake LV wallets as well.

Being a luxury brand you know the price for this LV wallet will be on the higher side. You can choose affordable LV wallets from the existing collection they have. But there are some very important factors that you must pay attention to before falling prey to cheats and fakes:

  • You cannot purchase an original authentic LV wallet from anywhere else other than a Louise Vuitton boutique. Unless you are buying wallet from someone who has bought an original LV wallet and never used it.
  • There is no such thing as an LV sale. Louise Vuitton is one brand that never goes on sale. So in case you find a sale price, be sure you are being duped.
  • There are no LV ‘factory outlets’ or ‘wholesale’ purchases. A LV wallet or handbag has never dropped their prices.
  • A real LV wallet will never have an ‘authenticity card’

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