New Technology In Trail Cameras

Trail cameras have come a long way since their inception. Instead of the age-old trip wires, the latest device use passive infrared sensors that can detect changes in infrared in multiple zones. This enables the cams to detect animal movement much more efficiently and thus activate the trigger response better.

Listed below are the other technological advancements in trail cameras.

  1. Time-Lapse Mode

The modern lens comes equipped with a time-lapse mode to enable capturing of images at regular intervals. The latest versions allow users to use two windows of this time-lapse capture and also allow them to capture live trigger images.

  1. Remote Access

The latest model take away the pain of visiting a website in order to download photos. The cell-enabled versions of cams will send the thumbnails to your phone directly and also to your email address. It is almost like taking a picture with your phone and sending it to your friend instantly.

  1. Black Flash

Most new cams use infrared to take night time photos. There are companies like Bushnell, Reconyx, and Moultrie that are coming up with Back flash technology that neither humans nor animals can detect.

You might be using your trail camera at a place where you are not sure about the security. If you are concerned about the theft of your camera then black LEDs can keep your camera from getting stolen. However, black flashes might not produce crisp and clear pictures as IR flash would.

  1. Image Management and Mapping

Trail cameras are also coming equipped with software programs that help organize photos and track movements of animals. This management technology manages pictures of different animals and maintains them as per the folder. All that users need are GPS coordinates.

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