Data recovery is crucial in today’s technology driven world. Almost all information whether it’s company information or personal information is stored digitally. So, if there is any hardware failure or loss of information due to any other cause, then it’s a huge problem. That’s why industry specialists perform continuous research to find data recovery solutions. Users also need to be aware of the data recovery tools, taking backups and other measures to save their critical data. Here are some books that can help users and the experts in understanding these topics.

Windows Data Recovery Techniques (Computer Repair Professionals)

By – James Litten
This book is for the data recovery professionals. It will help them to recover data from their clients. The book covers the most common situations. Topics covered in this book include recovering data from damaged files, repairing damaged files, recovering deleted files, etc.

File Data Recovery

By – Mathew Blank
Data loss can happen due to human error or system failure. It is possible to reduce the data loss by knowing why data loss occurs. This book explains the most common causes of data loss. You will learn the steps needed to take in order to protect your data from loss. You will also learn some techniques to recover it.

The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center

By- Dorian Cougias, E. L. Heiberger, Karsten Koop
This book explains what can go wrong in a backup. You will learn about different backup solutions that are available. You will know how corruption, loss, etc. affects data and the daily business activities, the cost of this loss, etc. You will learn how to create a budget for data backup and recovery.

These books are very helpful in understanding about data backup and recovery. Read these books and learn more about various aspects of data recovery and backup.