Top 10 Tips for a Successful Segway Experience

A simple ride for fun or as a hobby, a mode of conveyance to move between home and workplace or to move around the sections of your supermarket; Segways benefit you in several situations. Indirectly, you may also be fulfilling your role as a citizen by contributing to clean transport means and reducing traffic jams. No gain, however, comes without some pain. The pain here is that you have to switch your brain in minor ways to harness the complete experience of using a segway. Read ten of such tricks for your self-drive:

  1. Your feet and hands do the talking, so just use them. Give minor actions to your foot or the handlebar on the required side and it gets magnified as the segway uk
  2. Going gently is the smartest way to safely ride the scooter. Forget about using the body and focus only on its inclination.
  3. Maintain your cool during the ride because the scooter is your replica here. You hurry and do the extra movement, the machine does the same.
  4. Avoid moving your body while on the scooter with the plan to readjust your pose. The scooter will take you to unexpected directions.
  5. Increase in speed is not racing on the acceleration. Lean forward a few inches extra and it goes off faster.
  6. Decide where to stop and remember that gliding is the key to a smooth A gentle backward lean is all it takes to land you safely on the ground.
  7. The trickiest parts are getting on and off the footboard. No panicking will help and instead focus your weight on the forward foot always and make the body follow swiftly, but subtly.
  8. The speed limit for Segways may not be mentioned on the road signs. Make up your mind the speed you can safely ride on and stick to it.
  9. Take a close look on the upcoming road always. A single stone on the road can throw your segway off the track.
  10. Wear on the protective gears and carry just the required weight of items on the scooter for a safe and successful ride.

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