Urine testing technology is becoming simpler

There are many names for testing urine for any abnormality. Urine analysis, urinalysis, urine test or UA in short all mean the same. A sample of urine is collected and series of tests are performed on the sample to find abnormalities that may cause diseases and other conditions that are commonly caused due to abnormalities. And they are tested for drug abuse, therefore, you can find out how to get weed out of your system fast. This helps in detecting if there is any disorder in advance stage.

Some common diseases caused due to abnormal urine analysis include

  • Abnormal kidney functioning
  • Abnormal liver condition
  • High glucose level that causes diabetes.

Other than this urine test is performed in order to prep you for surgery or if you are pregnant. The technology has made urine testing very easy with its microscope exam, visual examinations, and dipstick examination.

Urine Testing In Detail

If you are getting a urine test done in the lab after collecting the samples three methods are used to analyze the urine.

  • The first method is done by visually analyzing your samples for any traces of blood. Your urine color will be either red or brown in color in this case. Sometimes urine is tested to see whether they look opaque in nature or foamy. If the urine appears to be foamy it suggests that you might have kidney problems and if it appears opaque in nature or cloudy in nature it means that you have a urine infection.
  • Next method the urine is analyzed is by keeping it under the microscope and watching it for abnormalities. This analysis is done because there are certain abnormal cells which cannot be seen with naked eyes. Urine is observed under a microscope for red blood cells, bacteria, white blood cells and kidney stones which leads to crystal formation.
  • The last method is a urine test strip in which a slim strip of plastic dipped in the chemical is dipped into the urine samples. What happens when these chemicals and urine mix is observed. There is a certain reaction that takes place and if any abnormality is there the color of the stick changes. This test is also known as dipstick test.

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